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zTrace Technologies What if YOUR laptop gets stolen?What if YOUR laptop gets stolen?

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Today's mobile computing devices-laptops, PDAs, pocket PCs, tablet PCs, and smart wireless phones-are lighter, smaller, more powerful, and can store more data than ever imagined before. PCs are becoming thinner and lighter. These devices are already widely deployed and their continued rapid adoption rate clearly endorses their attractiveness and their value.

Unfortunately, the same attributes that make today's computing devices so amazingly useful, also make them incredibly susceptible to loss-due to theft or to mishap. For example, it's highly unlikely to not find an individual or business that hasn't suffered from losing a laptop or from having a computer stolen.

Everyday, a remarkable amount of critical, proprietary business information-strategic and tactical-is stored along with private personal data on these devices. The trouble is that the devices and the data are traveling around mostly unprotected, vulnerable to loss or misuse.

ZTRACE has seized the opportunity to solve this problem. Simply put, we provide the "peace of mind" sought by computing users in these security conscious times with a powerful suite of software solutions and services.

Security is now a top business priority. Enterprises that previously made investments in network infrastructure, mission-critical software applications, e-commerce, and the computing devices themselves are poised to aggressively increase their spending on security.

At ZTRACE, we believe that software solutions and complementary services like ours that protect, monitor, and recover computing devices-and the data stored on them-will soon become a ubiquitous requirement. ZTRACE plans to be your protection everywhere.

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ZTRACE Technologies is a premier provider of innovative security software and services designed to meet the challenging data security and asset protection demands of today's computing environment. Serving enterprise, government, education, and consumer markets, ZTRACE is fast-tracked to be the global leader in mobile computing security. ZTRACE is a privately held company based in the Boston area.

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