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Facts Page
1 out of every 14 laptops sold in 1995 have been stolen since they were purchased.
Information Week, 2000
1 in 10 laptop thefts occur in airports.
BBB Study of 2000
Over 98% of stolen laptops are never recovered.
Notebook theft is the 2nd most prevalent computer crime, following virus related offenses.
CSI/FBI PC Crime and Security Survey
The worldwide Internet security software market for data protection and management services was close to $4 billion in 1999, and is expected to reach $6.7 billion by 2003.
Laptop theft poses a major risk when it comes to compromising corporate data, and it will only get worse with the increase in the use of handheld devices.
Chris Christiansen, IDC
387,000 laptops were stolen in the US in the year 2000 - versus 319,000 in 1999
Safeware Insurance
If your company experiences computer related theft and does nothing to correct the problem, there is an 89% chance the company will be hit again.
In 1999, 47% of companies, government agencies and universities reported stolen laptops.
Computer Security Institute,/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey
The total loss for a stolen notebook is $6,285, when the cost of lost productivity, replacement of lost data and software, and hardware costs are considered. This figure does not include the value of the information on the laptop.
Gartner Group
Cargo theft has increased substantially over the past years causing OEM's to add $150 to the average price of a laptop.
Chubb & Sons, Technology Insurance Company
As evidenced with the theft of a US State Department laptop, even having the best protection against external hackers means little, if a laptop is able to walk right out the door, which is possible anywhere, if it can happen to the state department. A secondary solution including tracing and recovery is necessary.
756,000 PCs and Laptops were stolen in 1997 & 1998 costing owners $ 2.3 billion dollars.
Safeware Insurance
69% of the Fortune 1000 companies experienced Laptop theft.
Computer Security Institute/FBI survey
PC theft is expected to grow in tandem with the growth in PC users.
... nationwide losses of computer component theft cost corporate America over $8 billion a year .
70% of computer theft is a result of 'inside jobs'.
Gartner Group
IT security personnel admit that 57% of all network security compromises had their origins in laptop theft.
CSI Study
A survey of 769 corporate IT managers revealed that 64% had experienced laptop theft.
Tech Republic
Approximately 10% of notebook computers are lost/stolen annually.
Web & Collaboration Strategies
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