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zTrace Technologies What if YOUR laptop gets stolen?What if YOUR laptop gets stolen?

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zTrace Gold
What Is It?

ZTRACE GOLD is an invisible software security application that traces the location of missing computers for recovery.

ZTRACE GOLD is undetectable and un-erasable on a computer's hard drive. The computer completes a handshake with the ZSERVER at every Internet connection. If the computer is reported missing, a patent pending process occurs for the ZTRACE Recovery Team to identify its exact physical location. The ZTRACE Recovery Team coordinates with local law enforcement for a completely outsourced recovery solution; the entire tracing and monitoring service resides with ZTRACE. For enterprises, ZTRACE GOLD provides a flexible solution that can be managed internally by an organization's own internal security department or outsourced with the ZTRACE Recovery Team
Why Do You Need It?

What if your PC gets stolen or your laptop just turns up missing? The possible scenarios are endless. Imagine coming back from lunch one day and your computer has simply vanished. It may be an inside job since your office is secure. Even with the increased security at airports, there's still significant risk someone grabs your computer case instead of his own. Can you really trust the cleaning staff in the hotel or your fellow conference attendees? Have you ever left something in a taxi and tried to get it back?

Is there any chance you'll ever see your laptop again? Even if you file a police report, how will the physical location of your computer be determined? Up until now, there has been no viable solution. The FBI states than less than 2% of laptops are ever recovered. Over 300,000 laptops were reported stolen last year. Do you want to be one of those statistics?

ZTRACE Technologies recognized the downsides of the wonderful world of mobile computing -- mobility and portability. This all started because ZTRACE’s founder found his home burglarized and the thief didn't steal his computer. That started the "what ifs" that led to the development of ZTRACE GOLD.

How Does It Work?

ZTRACE GOLD is installed on the computer's hard drive and registered with the ZSERVER with a unique identification. Every time it connects to the Internet, ZTRACE GOLD checks with the ZSERVER to determine its status. ZTRACE GOLD operates in stealth mode, with no directories, files, icons, or sounds ever appearing on the computer.

In the event of theft, the owner notifies the ZTRACE Monitoring Center via phone, e-mail, fax, or the Web. The ZSERVER tracking system is activated and waits for the next connection of that computer to the Internet.

ZTRACE GOLD works with any type of Internet connection, including dial-up, cable modem, DSL, T1 and wireless. It recognizes and traces through both internal and external networks for LAN/WAN configurations to pinpoint actual location of the missing laptop. ZTRACE GOLD supports intelligent telephone dialing capabilities to trace the location through any public or private phone system, including dial-out prefixes, international calls, and can even capture blocked or unlisted calls through caller ID.

When the missing computer connects to the Internet, the stealth application receives a signal from the zSERVER and the computer reports its own location.

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