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zTrace Technologies What if YOUR laptop gets stolen?What if YOUR laptop gets stolen?

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ZTRACE GOLD is an invisible software security application that traces the location of missing laptops for recovery.
ZCONTROL is an invisible remote control software security application, that retrieves files, deletes sensitive information and maintains data privacy AFTER computer loss.

Protect your laptop by installing zSecurity Suite applications.
MONITOR. zTrace Gold - invisible software agent that will work to get your computer back if it is stolen. zAsset Track - invisible asset tracking system. zPass - invisible password system that will alert you  to any unauthorized use of your computer. zControl - invisible system that allows you to completely control your computer even after it  is stolen.  Remotely delete and copy stolen data, lock the computer or even display a message zEncrypt - invisible encryption that will hide and encrypt your important files as soon as your computer is accessed by anybody other than you. zSecurity Suite - complete protection that includes zTrace Gold, zPass, zEncrypt, zControl and zAsset Track. RECOVER.
Monitor and manage your assets, your security and your sensitive data.
Is your laptop lost or stolen? You can feel secure. Your data is safe and your laptop will be recovered and returned to you.
Security software for the world on the move.

Yale University
Yale University Selects zTrace to Provide Laptop Protection to Students.

zTrace is featured by TIME Magazine

SC Magazine
SC Magazine gives zTrace
5 Stars

Unlock the Secrets of Security for Your Laptop

Hewlett-Packard Hewlett-Packard
zTrace selected for HP Educational Program

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