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zAset Track
What Is It?

ZASSET TRACK is an invisible asset-tracking application that gathers and analyzes hardware and software information about each laptop in the enterprise and stores the data in a centralized server where it can be mined by the corporate administrator.

Why Do You Need It?

Maintaining a full and current inventory of your fleet of mobile computers can be time consuming and potentially inaccurate. By definition, mobile computers are being moved around constantly and tracking the physical location of the computer, as well hardware components and software licensing, can be problematic.

Imagine having full asset tracking capabilities from a single point of control for your entire enterprise and being able to answer the following questions immediately.

Which PCs have the minimal hardware configuration for Windows XP?
Is this enterprise in full compliance with our software license agreements?
Which PCs get returned to the leasing company when the contract lapses?
Which PCs do not conform to the new configuration standards?
What software applications are running on mobile PCs?
Identify potential hardware cannibalization.

How Does It Work?

zASSET TRACK gathers vital information about PCs and laptops deployed in the enterprise and stores this information at a centralized server for easy access. A web interface provides a single point of control for inventory updates and reporting.

zASSET TRACK lowers the total cost of ownership by centralizing lease information and locating machines instantly when they are needed. It detects hardware configurations and computer performance characteristics to improve planning and budgeting by identifying PCs for retirement and replacement, and accelerating the roll-out of operating systems and software packages. zASSET TRACK detects installed software and license information to monitor software license compliance and adherence to corporate software policies.

zASSET TRACK provides a series of customized reports that include:

Software summary by manufacturer and category
Software audits and compliance reports
Hardware audits and analysis reports
Readiness reports for upgrades
Operating systems and service pack information
System serial numbers
Storage usage
Workstation information - end user name, login name, machine name, IP address, LAN address, MAC address, etc.
Enterprise - level reports structured by customizable groupings.

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