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zTrace Technologies What if YOUR laptop gets stolen?What if YOUR laptop gets stolen?

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zSecurity SuitezSecurity Suite
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zSecurity Suite
What Is It?

ZTRACE ZSECURITY SUITE is a comprehensive set of software applications that aids in the recovery of stolen or missing computers, protects sensitive data in case of unauthorized access and effectively monitors hardware and software assets for tracking.

ZTRACE ZSECURITY SUITE is comprised of ZTRACE GOLD, PASS, ZENCRYPT, ZCONTROL and ZASSET TRACK. Collectively, these applications provide the optimum wrap around security solution for your organization's mobile computing fleet. ZAGENT is the stealth core platform that provides integration and interface controls for the ZTRACE ZSECURITY solution and offers extensible functionality for tight integration with future components. There are no icons, files, directories, sounds or ANYTHING visible on the computer, providing total invisibility to the user.

zSecurity Suite
Why Do You Need It?

ZTRACE ZSECURITY SUITE affords single installation of the ZTRACE circle of complete mobile care-integrated software for tracing and recovery, data protection and encryption, and asset management. More importantly, integrated functionality enhances an enterprise's protection against the current menace of laptop misuse both outside and inside its walls. The special capabilities of zAGENT technology, together with a unique recovery service staffed by the ZTRACE Recovery Team, equip a mobile computing fleet of laptops and computers with security measures that wrap themselves around the entire mobile-security problem. With the FBI itself a victim of laptop theft, it is time to protect against theft, recover critical data and equipment and to fully monitor the computing fleet.

How Does It Work?

Secure your entire machine so that if an unauthorized user attempts to access it, sensitive data is made completely invisible.

"You can't steal what you can't see."
Alexander Kesler, Founder and President of zTrace

Watch the use patterns of your laptop fleet and concentrate on those running unauthorized applications. Monitor software license compliance and hardware configuration for upgrade paths and lease deadlines.

If your computer is out of your direct control, make the data invisible, encrypt it, recover it and then delete it. Your data is critical. And then, since your computer has already identified its location to ZTRACE and with the cooperation of law enforcement and the ZTRACE Recovery Team, physically recover your laptop.

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