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zTrace Technologies provides a comprehensive set of software components that aids in the recovery of stolen or missing computers and laptops, protects sensitive data in case of unauthorized access and effectively monitors hardware and software assets for tracking. What if YOUR laptop gets stolen?If your laptop is missing, our invisible security software will monitor your laptop and trace it location for recovery.

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What Is It?

"You can't steal what you can't see."
Alexander Kesler, Founder and President of zTrace

ZPASS is an invisible password application, based on the ZAGENT core, that detects and triggers specific actions to protect sensitive computer data. Once an unauthorized user fails to enter the required password, ZPASS immediately makes all sensitive files and directories invisible, preventing access to any protected data. At the same time, the computer stays fully functional, fooling the unauthorized user into believing that there is nothing even worth stealing on the machine. Every subsequent keyboard or mouse action is recorded for future identification of search intentions.

Why Do You Need It?

Consider the risk of your personal or enterprise data in the wrong person's hands. What strategic information could be compromised? What tactical information could be compromised? What personal information about the laptop owner can be obtained?

Imagine the implications if a business competitor accessed your pending business merger, intellectual property, confidential corporate financial information, privileged client or patient information. Whether your personal or organization's laptop is invaded while still on-site, misplaced while on the traveling, or stolen through an inside job, ZPASS will seal off access to a computer's valuable contents. Since ZPASS reacts to anyone attempting to gain access without authorization, it dramatically improves security for any mobile computing device.

How Does It Work?

When the operating system boots, ZPASS waits for the password to be entered via the keyboard. No window or other prompt pops up requesting its entry. Only an authorized user of the computer knows that ZPASS is present and waiting for the invisible password. When an unauthorized user fails to supply the necessary password, the ZAGENT is directed into SOS mode and immediately makes all the sensitive data on the computer invisible.

After ZPASS has been triggered, all actions performed on the computer are monitored and recorded to provide insight into the target for compromise. This includes periodic screenshot captures, keyboard monitoring, and monitors changes to the hard drives, running processes, and program installation. This information is available on the ZSERVER to assist identifying the intruder.

Rest assured. "The invisible can't be stolen.".

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